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How many times have you attended a conference, convention or seminar and been so overwhelmed with content and information, only to get back to the real world of business and find that we implement less than 2% of what we have learnt? 

We will be hosting 2 post summit live interactive webinars to help unpack and implement what we have learnt.

We have partnered to bring you solutions that can help you grow your business. Investing in your personal business development is the greatest investment you will ever make.

We are fully committed to your success therefore You get to decide what you want to pay? 


Meet some of the speakers who will be helping us stretch our thinking.

José is a corporate commercial attorney, he read for the BPROC, LLB degrees at the University of the Witwatersrand. After completing his degree he completed his articles of clerkship and was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court. Jose holds various directorships in a variety of differing companies and he specialises in Tax Law.

José Delgado

Director iProtect

Van Rhyns Attorneys rendering legal services for over 25 years. The core competency of the practice vests in the litigation and debt recovery domain. Let us show you what you need to get right in terms of soft collections and legal recovery and debt collection. We will also share what you need to do to comply with the POPI Act in terms of sharing personal information.

Varushka Naidoo

Van Rhyns Attorneys

Carl Schultz, Professional Speaker, Africa’s #1 Breakthrough Coach and Strategy Facilitator.

Carl is the CEO of World Class Summits and the founder of the World Class Coach franchise. He is a Global Thought Leader who leads and influences multi-billion dollar industries.

Carl Schultz

CEO World Class Summits

Founder of The Crypto School

Dr Bill Price is a Neuroscience practitioner, strategic Sage that guides CEO’s and their Executive Teams to their personal best potential and business achievement of their Business strategic objectives in their lifetime.​

Dr. Bill Price

Neuroscience Practitioner

These are the giants that support our industry and have partnered with us to make our event a

World Class Summit.

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